Lab Tests

Monitor Your Wellness

Lab Tests

Order a lab test through our partners to monitor your wellness. You can order a lab test by visiting our store, or from the comfort of your own home with a computer and printer. Simply visit

Your Health

Lab tests can identify risk factors of disease or adverse conditions that include important information that can help you and your doctor target lifestyle changes.


Actively participate in your healthcare. Obtaining your test results before you arrive at your doctor's office, will allow you to prepare your questions and may eliminate the need for a follow-up visit. If you elect to share the results with your physician in advance of an appointment, it may also allow your physician to review your results of your biomarkers and to better prepare for your appointment.

Peace of Mind – Create Peace of Mind

Knowing that your tested levels are Normal will likely relieve any stress you had about the conditions for which you were tested. Additionally, your results will establish your baseline for future monitoring on the Ulta Lab Tests patient portal. Your results found on your patient portal will show you if any lifestyle changes that you have made have had a positive impact!

Early Detection

Some diseases or conditions develop over time and produce no symptoms. Lab testing may help you identify these serious conditions early. Generally, the earlier a medical condition is detected and diagnosed, the better the chances of a successful treatment.

Lab tests can also confirm or rule out inherited conditions if present while lab monitoring can guide corrective therapy.

Save Money

We have implemented industry best practices and controls, including state of the art technology that minimizes our company's overhead. The result is superior customer service while providing our patients quick, accurate and secure test results that keep costs low so we can pass along those savings to you.

We have affiliated with your pharmacy to extend our national pricing and platform into their practices so that their patients can benefit with the cost savings of our program.

We purchase on extremely high testing volumes for patients across the United States which allows us to offer discount pricing with our national lab partners. Additionally, we have negotiated prompt payment with the national laboratories and removed all excess costs. Securing advance payment from our customers enables our company to secure exceptional costs from the national laboratories and we pass these savings directly on to our customers.

Is Ultalabs Legitimate?

Yes, the labs you can order can be placed from our pharmacy and you can visit the nearest clinic to do the test. You can also place the order online at HERE

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