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COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Testing

Better Health Pharmacy's Rapid Antibody Test can provide critical information about past infection to patients who believe they may have previously been exposed to the coronavirus but were unable to access testing at the time of their potential infection.

What You Need to Know Before Scheduling:


Individuals who believe they may have already been infected with COVID-19 and are not currently experiencing symptoms are eligible for the test.


The tests are available to our customers for $45.


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Testing involves a blood-based fingerstick test and results are available within 15 minutes.

About the COVID-19 Antibody Test



COVID-19 antibody testing, also known as serology testing, is a blood test that's done to find out if you've had a past infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). An antibody test can't determine whether you're currently infected with the COVID-19 virus. You will need to get the antigen test to for current infections.

After infection with the COVID-19 virus, it can take two to three weeks to develop enough antibodies to be detected in an antibody test, so it's important that you're not tested too soon.

Antibodies may be detected in your blood for several months or more after you recover from COVID-19. Although these antibodies probably provide some immunity to the COVID-19 virus, there's currently not enough evidence to know how long the antibodies last or to what extent past infection with the virus helps protect you from getting another infection.

Why Get an Antibody Test

  • You had symptoms of COVID-19 in the past but did not get tested.
  • You are about to have a medical procedure done in a hospital or clinic, especially if you've had a positive COVID-19 diagnostic test in the past.
  • You have had a COVID-19 infection in the past and want to donate plasma, a part of your blood that contains antibodies that can help treat others who have severe cases of COVID-19

Risks of the Antibody Test

Results of COVID-19 antibody tests may not always be accurate, especially if the test was done too soon after infection or the test quality is questionable.

COVID-19 antibody testing could lead to false-positive or false-negative test results:

  • False-positive result. The test result is positive, but you actually don't have antibodies and you did not have an infection in the past. A false-positive result could give you a false sense of security that you're protected from getting another COVID-19 infection — and even with a true positive result, immunity is questionable.
  • False-negative result. You have antibodies to the COVID-19 virus, but the test does not detect them. Or you're tested too soon after infection and your body has not had time to develop antibodies.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Consent Form

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COVID Antibody Testing Consent Form

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