Free Vial of Life

Help first responders find your medical information to treat you.

Vial of Life pill bottle decal

Vial of Life Vials from Better Health Pharmacy

Get a FREE* Vial of Life Kit from Better Health Pharmacy by Visiting Us In-Store

The Vial of Life kit includes a door decal, a Vial of Life pill bottle, and Vial of Life important medical information document. This kit can save your life in the event of a medical emergency when paramedics and first responders arrive.

To get your FREE Vial of Life kit (limit 1 free kit per person while supplies last):

  1. Print your Vial of Life Form and fill it out.
  2. Bring the completed form to Better Health Pharmacy and we will give you a Vial of Life Door Sticker and Vial of Life pill bottle. (Get directions to our store)
  3. Bring the kit home, and put your Vial of Life Medical Information form inside the Vial of Life pill bottle. Place the vial in your refrigerator so that it is easy to find by paramedics or emergency personnel.
  4. Lastly, put the red Vial of Life sticker on your door so that medical personnel and first responders know you have a Vial of Life in your refrigerator.

*Limit 1 Vial of Life kit per person. Offer only available in-store. While supplies last.

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